Jewellery And Fashion

20's Ivory bangle

RefID : T157 SOLD

Jean Muir top

RefID : T106 SOLD

Mother of pearl aide memoire

RefID : T156 SOLD

Paule Ingrand cockerel brook

RefID : T155 SOLD

40's Handbag, crocodile

RefID : T102 SOLD


RefID : T101 £ 45.00

80's Liberty's handbag

RefID : T100 SOLD

Pale grey 60's handbag

RefID : T98 SOLD

Black handbag, 1950's

RefID : T97 SOLD

Pair Ferragamo shoes 4

RefID : T96 SOLD

Pair Ferragamo shoes 2

RefID : T95 SOLD

Rodier woollen top

RefID : T143 SOLD

80's Guy Laroche outfit

RefID : T142 SOLD

Pair Ferragamo shoes

RefID : T94 SOLD

50's fake fur coat

RefID : T137 SOLD

30's crocodile handbag

RefID : T137 £ 125.00

60's snakeskin bag

RefID : T135 £ 160.00

Red dress

RefID : T133 SOLD

Black dress

RefID : T132 SOLD